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This is the Dutch-language sister site to Gateway Women (UK) www.gateway-women.com


If you’re childless by circumstance, with those circumstances ranging from infertility through to all kinds of situations such as your partner not wanting (more) children, a chronic illness, not being able to find a partner (what is now known as ‘social infertility’), not being able to afford having a baby ‘on your own’ (and not being all that keen about being a solo mother either), thinking you didn’t want children and then realising you did, your relationship breaking down during fertility treatments or perhaps because of one of the other many, many reasons there are for this.

You’re in the right place. Welcome. Pull up a chair. Get a cup of tea or something stronger and make yourself comfortable. Things are just about to get a whole lot easier.

As part of the global Gateway Women organisation, founded by Jody Day in the UK in 2011, Gateway Women Benelux is the Dutch-language sister organisation for women who are childless not by choice in Benelux.

Here you will find information and support in both Dutch and English including:

  • Attending one of our free social meetups for childless not by choice women in Benelux
  • about “The Gateway Women Reignite Weekends”, our weekend workshop for childless not by choice women to help you heal your heart and find your tribe.
  • Read Karin’s thoughts about her childless journey
  • Meet Karin Enfield, the Benelux ambassador / representative / leader / director for Gateway Women Europe; chosen, trained and supported by Jody to offer this support.
  • Find out more about Jody Day, the inspirational founder of Gateway Women and the global thought leader on female involuntary childlessness and the author of ‘Living the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Future without Children’

You are no longer alone. Welcome to your Tribe.

Big hugs, Karin