I am Karin Enfield-de Vries, I live in a small town village on the Dutch/Belgian border with my British husband and our cats. I am childless following treatments for cervical cancer and a radical hysterectomy at the age of 33 in 2012.

As a cancer patient I was spoilt for choice in support groups and this helped my deal with my journey of being ill. What I was not getting was the right support on dealing with childlessness and the grief that comes with it.

After a long hard search I eventually stumbled across the Gateway women website and despite some initial hesitation, I entered the ‘Online Bee’ program for a year in 2017 and also attended ‘Reignite Weekend’ in London, hosted by Jody in September 2017.

This was where I truly did find my spark again and it felt like last chapter of my grief journey around my childlessness had found its final words. Ever since that weekend I feel lighter, more open and accepting of myself and my situation.

I still have moments that are tough, however, I now no longer let them define me as a woman. I will always be grateful for what this journey with Jody, Gateway Women and the women in this community has brought to my life. Now I want to pay it forward…

With Jody’s support, we have set up Gateway Women Benelux to offer support to women who are childless not by choice, for whichever reason, in the Benelux region.

This website will feature my blog about my journey of recovery from involuntary childlessness and my ever evolving path towards my “Plan B”. It will also include links for you to join me at the free Gateway Women Meetups I am hosting in Brussels, Eindhoven and Utrecht, the new Gateway Women Benelux private online community (in Dutch) and dates/location for the GW Reignite Weekend in English/Dutch in the Benelux Region (I am bilingual).

In my professional life, I work in Business Transformation and Change Management, guiding people and teams through complex transformations. This, combined with my personal journey and the training I have received from Jody (and her ongoing support), gives me the confidence that I can create a safe and transformational experience for childless women like you in the Benelux region.

I care deeply about your experience and look forward to helping you find your way to your Plan B. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments at karin@gateway-women.com

With hugs,