From Paris, with love and lots of make up…

On one of the hottest days of August I was expected in the TV Studio of the French News channel France 24. On this channel a program called: The 51% is broadcast, which is made by and for women and covers a wide range of topics which concern women worldwide. The theme of this broadcast is “Discrimination against childless women”

As a true “celebrity”, I was picked up by a driver at my hotel and dropped off at the door of the studio. I was met by 2 stylists who in no time turned me from a ‘happy tourist’ into a serious TV guest.

Together with the English photographer Denise Felkin (author of the book: Mum’s not the word), I was invited to talk about how women, who are childless (not by choice), are faced with stigmas, prejudices and even discrimination. Modern day society still focuses very much on seeing families as the cornerstone of society, and for women motherhood is still seen as one of the highest attainable goals in women’s lives.

I am very proud of my participation in this program and hope to inspire others to feel more heard and seen! Curious about the interview? Take a quick look via the link below!

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